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Customer Churn – Logistic Regression with R

1 Overview 2 Learning/Prediction Steps 2.1 Data Description 2.2 Data Preprocessing 2.3 Partitioning the Data & Logistic Regression 2.4 Model Summary 2.5 Prediction Accuracy 3 References Overview In the customer management lifecycle, customer churn refers to a decision made by the customer about ending the business relationship. It is also referred as loss of clients […]

Call Detail Record Analysis – K-means Clustering with R

1 Overview 2 Data Description 3 Data Source Features Description 4 Data Preprocessing 5 CDR Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) 6 Call Detail Record Clustering 7 Conclusion 8 References Overview Call Detail Record (CDR) is the information captured by the telecom companies during Call, SMS, and Internet activity of a customer. This information provides greater insights […]

Bootstrap 3 – Tips and Tricks

1 Introduction 2 Use case 3 Solution 3.1 Five columns Layout 3.2 How to Enable Bootstrap 3 Hover Dropdowns 3.3 Don’t forget Container Fluid for Full Width Rows 3.4 Column ordering 3.5 Labels for Screen Readers 3.6 No Gutter Column 4 Conclusion 5 References Introduction Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework […]

Advanced Avro: Schema Design & Reuse – Part 4

1 Introduction 2 Use Case 3 Solution 3.1 Create a Schema with nested sub-schemas: 3.2 Create Multiple sub-schemas and reuse: 3.3 Write a Java program that includes sub-schemas into main schema: 3.4 Convert the JSON file into binary Avro, and from binary Avro to JSON file using Avro Tools 4 Conclusion 5 References Introduction This […]